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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can discharge many different types of debt. Chapter 7 is for those…

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If you make a decent wage but not enough to meet debt payments, then chapter…

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Whether you are finding your dream home or selling property, having an expert in real…

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Family issues can be one of the most difficult times of your life, but having…

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Every situation is different, and the solution I offer will be tailored to what is best for you. An initial consultation is the first step to tackling your debt. I will give you honest feedback about your finances, and if bankruptcy is not right for you, I will advise against it. However, if bankruptcy is your best option, I will commit fully to getting you back on your feet as quickly and painlessly as possible. I will help any New Yorker who seeks my assistance, and the first consultation is free, so there is no reason to delay seeking debt relief.

It’s natural to have hesitancy when considering bankruptcy, but I’m here to answer any questions you may have. At no point will you feel pressured to make decisions you are uncomfortable with. We will set up a plan together so that you are never out of the loop with what is happening. Do not let your debt get the better of you; reach out to me to set up a free consultation.

Bankruptcy can be complex. Talk to an expert!

You are not alone! Attorney Lorna J. LaMotte is here to help you find what path is best. Set up a consultation and discuss every option available to you.

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If you are in New York, then we can help get your finances back on track. We have been serving New York residents, and businesses for 17 years and are ready to take on your case to ensure you come out of bankruptcy debt free.

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Our Mission Is To Help Families Get Their Financial Houses In Order

I Can Help Eliminate Your Debt

During COVID, many people lost their jobs and couldn’t make interest payments. You are not alone, as millions of Americans faced this situation. A seasoned bankruptcy lawyer is here to get you back on track.

Keep The Assets And Income You Need To Live

Bankruptcy doesn’t mean all your assets and income will be confiscated, and you will be left with just the shirt on your back. Only your disposable income will go towards your debt, and exemptions exist on the federal and state level that can protect your assets.

Bankruptcy Is Not The End

Filing for bankruptcy puts you back on track for financial recovery. Your credit score is impacted for 7-10 years, depending on the chapter you file, and after that, the bankruptcy falls off your record. Your credit score is given a fresh start after this time while your old debts are long gone.

All New Yorkers Can Reach Out

New York was one of the hardest hit states by COVID and is still recovering two years after the virus initially spread. Many private and government institutions offer debt relief programs for those impacted by COVID; reach out so you can take full advantage of the benefits available to you.

Frequently Asked Bankruptcy Questions

  • How do I qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • What assets are at risk under chapter 7 bankruptcy?
  • What is considered when establishing a repayment plan under chapter 13 bankruptcy?
  • How long does a bankruptcy show up on my credit report?
  • Can I attempt to negotiate with creditors on my own?


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New York was one of the hardest hit states by COVID and is still recovering two years after the virus initially spread. Reach out so you can take full advantage of the benefits available to you.

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